From Beer Runs to Book Runs…Always Fun

How far will some people go for a book?  Turns out over a three hundred mile roundtrip is not problem.  No, the book is not contraband but The Cornish House is published in Europe and England.  There is not an American deal yet. However, the book is sold in Canada.

Back in college days, beer runs to Canada for Bradoor beer were part of UVM culture.  The beer was more potent – thanks to a higher alcohol content and tasted better in my estimation.  We would find the closest liquor store on the other side of the border, make our purchase and go home.  Although I seldom had a car to instigate a trip, one such road trip was motivated by a visit from a dear friend, Liz.  She was at the more sophisticated and all girls school of Mount Holyoke.  She had brought with her  a younger coed who had not traveled much.  And a car.

When I mentioned Beer Run, they said “Let’s go!”

To this day Liz has mentioned this trip as a highlight of her college days. The wilds of Vermont and the social atmosphere of the University of Vermont impacted her life.  Now , she is an author and I recreated the journey in her honor.

When The Cornish House came out, I discovered it was not sold – yet – in the United States.  But would be available in Canada – I told Liz I would be off to Montreal at the first possible moment to get my copy.  She said be sure and take pictures…this is a great story!  I said from Beer run to Book, run what is the world coming to?

Although the book had come out in August in Canada, my schedule never allowed for the trip.  Then came bad weather and the holidays.  Hopeful for a Spring road trip until a spontaneous one worked.  I had long ago read the book but finding the book on the shelves was neat. Having my friend Susan along was terrific.  How exciting to find the book and share the fun!