MoneyPeace is dedicated to providing workshops, seminars and presentations to organizations, professionals, and couples looking for financial wellness and peace of mind.  Combining matters of the heart and mind to a wide range of money topics, MoneyPeace offers financial education in an easy to understand, simple to implement and life changing way to participants.
Christine Moriarty, President of MoneyPeace and a Certified Financial Planner™, has worked with thousands of organizations and events creating a unique combination of money philosophy and financial education.  "Financial Fitness" to "Spiritual Retirement"; "Money and Memory" or "Enlightened Finance for Couples" are some of the customized presentations offered by MoneyPeace.
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What Others Say:

“I appreciate everything I have learned from Christine and MoneyPeace.  Even though this has been a difficult year for me, I feel balanced and in charge of my affairs because of the help I received from MoneyPeace”  
- Emily G., Vermont

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