Power of the Heart Felt Giving

Today I had the privilege to be present for the announcement of a magnificent gift to our local hospital, Fletcher Allen Health Care.  A $13 million dollar gift of business property which included two buildings and 15 acres was given by Bobby and Holly Miller.  This was truly magnificent.  Not just the generosity of the gift, but the team effort and impressive words and actions demonstrated from the couple.  First it was apparent they made the decision together. Second,  they were open and both spoke when the gift was announced.

Sheer pure generosity in action, bought tears to my eyes and an expansive warm feeling to my heart.  This amazing couple demonstrated  more by their  actions and followed up with their words their appreciation to the hospital.  Holly’s reminisces of growing up in the community and having used the hospital often  as  a family.  Yet, bill collectors were the one who got paid one to two dollars a month, because her family of origin had so little money.

How poor they were.  Yet what a generous heart was planted in those days.

May generosity bud in you from your memories.

Happy Spring.