A little bit of time off can go a long way

Small business owners think the need to work more and harder to make their business successful.  Knowing their craft, understanding the management of a business and handling money effectively are valuable tools in operating a successful business.  So too is taking time off. 

Sounds counterintuitive.  Time off to make a business operate more efficiently?  The time off makes the business owner operate more efficiently.  So with time away from the business, the trials, triumphs and issues of business take a back seat.

The mind is refreshed.  The heart is clear and the body is rested.  These are all critical to operating a small business smoothly and successfully.

If you operate your own business, try some time away.  Something simple.  Start with one day or a weekend escape.  The point is not to attend to your business consciously.  This is your respite. 

When your mind goes to your business focus it on something else…go back to the hike, the national monument or fabulous museum.  Our minds are amazing and when we gather info from somewhere else our creativity and abilities are enhanced.