Morning Symphony

Getting up before 4 am has never appealed to me.  Which is why I typically do not rise at that hour.  As I told my husband, I have been up more times in my life at this hour coming in than going out. This morning I was up though and I do not regret it for one moment.  Despite the start of my day without caffeine and with only a glass of juice in my stomach, I was do delighted to  share this moment in nature.

And I learned a bit in the process.

This is turkey season in Vermont.  My husband is a turkey hunter. And despite my city roots I occasionally will join him.  Okay very occasionally, this was my third time in seven years.   "Rarely" would be a better word.  

Here is what I experienced: A ride in the dark on dirt roads until we came to the edge of a field purported to have turkeys.  We traipsed along through an acre of field through a few puddles and wet grass – I know now why hunters wear high rubber boots.  

We entered the woods and sat on the rocks surrounded by maples, birches, pines.   Watching the shifts in lighting as the morning woke up and greens of the field, the trees and all that was around me was powerful.

Sitting in the canopy of trees it was the music I heard that placed me a state of pure realization and delight....

The birds of every imaginable sound and tone a were orchestrating the welcoming of the day.  Their lightness and energy and joy was so powerful.  Even when my mind would wander and I wondered truly what I was listening to… I could sense the beauty of the moment.  I finally understood the bird watchers who experience this in so many ways.  Making me consider a new activity.

What happened next is what amazed me…I could distinguish the noise of a roosting bird.

Do not ask me if it was the noise of a hen or a gobbler, I just knew it was a different bird and I pointed to my husband from the direction of the sound.

Moments later two turkeys flew into the field to start their morning. 

As still as we sat, they never did get close enough to get a good look or to consider shooting.  That is okay with me.  I considered it a successful morning as we journeyed out.  I spotted two turkeys in the wild, enjoyed a personal symphony and shared the light of the morning in the special way that only nature can provide.

Silent communication, another intimacy of strengthening relationship.

Best Side Benefit is that now almost twelve hours later, I still feel the joy of that time spent among the trees and birds and power of nature.