Don't Count On It!

 “I am going to retire early.  My investments are doing well and I can now, “ another professional said to me.  This plan was relayed to me by over lunch.  Not my client, I did not have to say much in response but “Good Luck.”

In my head I thought of so many other things.  Mainly, does this person have an investment strategy to carry them through thirty years of retirement?

The Stock Market is up.  I am hearing enthusiasm and optimism all around in public.  In private, I hear financial professionals being cautious.  Perhaps no one knows the future.  What is one to do?  There is not a clear and easy path.  Getting educated is a first step.  Second step, dig deeper into your own financial and investment situation before you follow the herd mentality.

This is the ninth year of the longest running bull market in financial history.  Some sharp investors say it will continue.  Others “in the know” say to brace for a down turn.  Either way, this upswing will not last for the decades that the average person will be in retirement moving forward.  Creating a plan based on the good times and bad will be sure to devise a life of leisure without worries. And Peace of Mind.

We have been through this before or I have seen in as a Certified Financial Planner.  At the beginning of 2000, the tech boom was exploding.  The market was up.  Many, many folks retired based on those numbers.  When the bubble burst, those without a long-term plan went back to work.  This was not work by choice but work for cash flow to support their retirement years.   A little foresight can go a long way and prevent a forced return to the working world.

Think about what you can count on in life.  The list may be short.  We used to have pensions for life, some companies gave medical benefits as well, even our weather was a bit more predictable.  Today the world is a bit more complex and your personal situation has to be considered.  Now is the time to get educated no matter how far you are from retirement.

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