Stopping Shopping...More Time

Okay so it has been three days since I have entered a store.  This plan of mine does not include groceries stores, as our family has to eat.  But I will not cheat and buy things more than the food we need when I am grocery shopping for the next 28 days.

What have I learned just this weekend without shopping?

Time saved: I do not need to read the advertisements in the Sunday paper.  They can go right to recycling.  I am not entering a store because there is a sale.  This includes the flyer I had already put in my car because there was a good deal.  I recycled that flyer and took stopping at that store off my list of things to do.

Key Found: Since I had a bit of time and was in my car without driving to grab and dispose of the dangerous store flyer, I decided to clean it up a bit.  To my surprise, I found a key under the seat that I had been looking for during the past month.  Yes, I had already looked under the seat.  I was about to get another one made.  As it was my business post office box key, I saved $9 because of yesterday's discovery.

Web Browsing:   Yes, Internet shopping is shopping to me.  Without shopping and browsing on the web, I have found several great sites on my other interests.  So fun to read more about genealogy and Irish history - all for free.