Personal Finance Tips from Bernie Sanders Campaign

None of us can avoid the attention the election is commanding on the television, radio or social media.  With the results reported, analyzed and criticized yesterday, I could not help but reflect on the winners and their financial strategies.  So Trump and Sanders won big in the New Hampshire primary.  What can they teach us?  

No matter what political stances you have, I believe they are demonstrating solid financial principles in their campaigns.  Some of their money principles we know.  Some we need reminding.  

Trump has the money to finance his campaign.  The reminder: Money can buy you what you want. Or think you want.  This is no news in our society.

Bernie beat out Hillary Clinton.  His financial strategy?  Build a campaign treasure chest from small donations from individuals. This demonstrates two financial principles immediately. First, he is using the cash mentality.  Have cash, spend cash and reap the benefits.  Second, he is taking the slow but steady approach to make big change.  

This principles are so important to us all.  Whether we want to get out of debt, save for a home or get ready for retirement, Bernie's campaign financing is a good reminder that complicated strategies are not needed.  

Want to learn other lessons from Bernie's Campaign?  There are several more life-long money lessons he is demonstrating.    Stand by here for more or sign up for next week's newsletter to understand more: