Simple New Year's Resolutions

Our intentions are good but sometimes the grandness of the season takes over. We make elaborate promises or set large momentous goals to create change in our lives. 

This year I ask you to consider setting a small and simple money goal for 2015. Here are suggestions to change your behavior and bring some financial order to your life:

·         Create a money folder or basket – both on line and a tangible one at home.  Each piece of mail that arrives related to your money, whether bill or income, drop into the file basket.  Now, even if you have not taken the time to file the information, it will all be in one place when you go looking.

·         Decide to unlink your credit card from your favorite shopping sites.  Yes, that means every time you go to Amazon or QVC or Target, you will have to enter your card information.  This one step will slow down the shopping process and downsize your bill in the process.

·         Balance your checkbook once a month.  Yes, that is right.  People do still balance their checkbooks.  The reason why is clear: People who keep track of their money, actually have more money.

·         Build and enact a giving plan.  Charitable giving tends to be a spontaneous on the fly experience.  Before you can make a decision to give in a heartfelt manner, you have to know how much you can give.  No matter how much you have, you can share some bit with others.  The amount is not important, the sharing is.  Giving from a positive place on a regular basis makes the giving circle complete.  Your choice of charities is personal. 

True change happens one step at a time.  MoneyPeace is a process that allows all of us to feel abundant.  Desire a more peaceful life?  Commit to just one money change listed above or come up with one of your own.  Taking the time to make one change will change you. 

So today you have two simple tasks:

1.       Choose something to change in your money behavior moving forward.

2.       Leave the past behind.  No more excuses, self punishment or negative talk.  We are moving our money into a New Year and a New Place.

Here is to a fresh start in 2015!