Cash Consciousness

Creating MoneyPeace is an inside and outside job.  We all think of spending when money comes to mind.  However, there is the first and most essential element of cash flow: Consciousness.  So do you pay attention to your money?

For example, do you know how much you spent yesterday and on what? Yes, that includes spending in the form of cash, check, debit or credit.  This question need not be difficult if you are making proactive rather than reactive transactions.  Also, not difficult if you pay attention during the transaction and realize the dollar value of what you have purchased. For many people this is where spending gets hazy.

So instead of dredging up the details of yesterday, chose to make a difference now.  Each and every time you use money for a purchase today, pay attention to the amount.  You may chose to write it down.  Or just make note mentally when handing over your debit card.  This process is very different than looking at the end of the day.  This is another form of living in the moment.

That is part of the inside of consciousness.  The outside part is “Watch your language!”  No, I am not channeling my Mom.  I just hear people so often use negative language around money.  What is negative language? Here are some examples:

·         I cannot afford that…

·         He or she is lucky, they are rich.

·         I will never be able to retire!

These types of words and expressions drain us and our relationship with money.    They leave no room for a positive relationship with money.  You want a more positive relationship with money.  So just for today:

1.       Pay Attention to How Much You Spend and On What

2.       Be Attuned around Your Language When About Money

Until tomorrow….

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