Getting Good Value

Last month I wrote my newsletter about cost versus convenience.  There is so much we pay for in the name of making our lives easier in this fast paced world.  Time is money is the often repeated mantra.

Many times we know the added price of purchases we make for convenience.  The already cooked chicken at the grocery store or the take out meal rather than making dinner.  Sometimes the added cost is more subtle - a few dollars extra to fill up at the local gas station or two dollar fee at the nearest ATM.  

Other times we just feel pressured or have no time to do a bit of footwork to find a better price - whether it be a shoe store with our size, the book on-line or the cell phone insurance better covered by our home owners policy.  The fact of the matter is these costs do add up.  For those who are moving fast, the $80 a month in extra costs means close to a thousand dollars less in our pockets at the end of the year. 

The next time you feel the push of time, ask your self:  Can this wait?  Is there another way to pay?  The secret to good financial management is conscious spending.  Slow down and spend wisely.