Myth: Winning the Lottery Will Solve My Problems

The lottery is a game.  A game to play for fun.  The odds are not great for anyone.  As with the stock market, there are winners, but there are many more losers. Playing and having fun are great for the spirit.  We want to bring more fun into our lives. What we are looking for is truly to have more financial stability in our lives.

Think you will wait until you win the lottery to be financially solvent? You're more likely to die from a bee sting (one in 6.1 million), be struck by lightning (one in 3 million) or have conjoined twins (one in 200,000). And once typical lottery winners have their money, they are more apt to go bankrupt, according to one study of Florida lottery winners. 

Getting rich quick through the stock market, lottery or professional success is not a guarantee of financial stability. According to Sports Illustrated, within five years of retirement, 60 percent of NBA players are brokeKim Basinger and Mike Tyson filed for bankruptcy.