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Our interactions with money are one way we demonstrate our growth and self awareness. Enlightened Finance for Couples  was developed by Christine Moriarty after working with couples for more than twenty years. She has combined classes, tips and activities to strengthen your relationship with your partner and your money.

MoneyPeace’s teleworkshops are offered several times a year from the comfort of your own home.  Workshops are a a series of four tele-conferences that cover the important aspects of sharing money decisions and creating a new level of intimacy by using an interactive and interdependent financial process. The end result is moving together toward a more prosperous future.

The Enlightened Finance for Couples Class includes:

  •  A personalized notebook with information and worksheets
  •  Four hour and fifteen minute sessions (recorded for your convenience)
  • Time to Ask Questions and get feedback

In addition, I ask each participant to send me goals for the class ahead of time.  These are private but enable me to focus the information to accomplish the goals.  Often, I have spoken to one or the other before the sessions so I have some background.  My goal is for each couple to find common ground to work from.

The class is designed so that couples can listen, participate as much as they want and share new concepts with each other.  First names are only used in discussions and we will have people from all over the country on the call.

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Enlightened Finance for Couples

4 Tuesdays starting in September
6:30pm EST, $359
Enlightened Finance for Couples class is a four week phone class for couples where we will discuss and implement the MoneyPeace system for couples. You'll receive practical tips on organizing your finances and action steps that will improve your relationship. 

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New Paradigm

“She took the time to get to know us and understand what was important to us. She showed us a new financial paradigm that has led to a healthier and happier relationship. She taught us a simple approach to manage our money that will enrich us for the rest of our lives. Thanks to Christine, we now enjoy what we DO have instead of worrying about what we don’t have. We absolutely love MoneyPeace!!!!”

Right Place

“We knew we were in the right place when Christine’s first assignment focused on identifying the spoken and unspoken messages about money in each of our individual families of origin. Talk about revealing! Now we were prepared to begin the hard work. What did we want to decide together were the messages we chose to accept, which to reject? Add to that, the work of identifying what most matters to us as individuals and a couple. Now we were ready to begin making a spending plan and getting serious about our retirement planning.

“The rewards have been immeasurable – to feel that we are spending in concert with our values. To feel freedom to choose not to be stressed about money. To feel we are modeling for our four children how to have a relationship with money that is freeing rather than a burden. To see the benefit of positive thinking. To live out the import of giving to others rather than ‘holding on tight’ to every penny.”

Identifying Goals and Dreams

“Christine has not only helped us to get our financial house in order, she has helped us to identify our goals and dreams, and to work towards them in quite practical ways. My husband and I are always relieved after our meetings with Christine - she helps us to stay on track and to find the tools to have difficult conversations about money. We can now have productive conversations about our financial situation without becoming emotional about it - a real gift! We are lucky to have had her as part of our lives these past 15 years."

Peace and Security

"MoneyPeace is a perfect name! Under Christine’s guidance all facets of our financial life not only make sense (at last!), but also give us a great feeling of peace and security!"

Christine has been working with couples for more than twenty years. She has combined classes, tips and activities to strengthen your relationship with your partner and your money.

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