Getting Easier...Or Did I Forget My Wallet?

Not going in stores is getting easier.  Yesterday I found this commitment easiest to keep.  I had left my pocketbook with my money and credit and debit card at home.  Yes, given I was going to a ski area to ski, not shop.  However, the absence of these tangibles meant that there was no dilly dallying on the way home.  No reason to stop anywhere. 

At the ski lodge, there is a wonderful little ski shop.  I literally stood at the entrance and walked in two steps when I remembered my commitment.  Two steps out and I was back on track.  How does one spend a day without a spending while skiing?  Well, since I was volunteering for Vermont Adaptive - a fabulous program - I did not need to pay for my ski day.    But also keeping snacks and a water bottle in the car makes it manageable.  The water bottle can be refilled in the cafeteria and one really can survive for a day without money, especially if they are doing something fun.

The weather was fabulous, the snow soft and the people wonderful.  I will treasure all week the smile on the lucky young man I got to ski with yesterday.  He loves to go fast, do bumps and enjoys the gates.  He will be ready for the Special Olympics next month.

Money had nothing to do with yesterday.  How would you survive a day without money?

Stop Shopping to Save Money

Pondered today what I heard about not going into shops.  This was on the radio by a behavior psychologist.  When we go into shops we see things that we did not know we needed.  Then we increase our wants and desires.  The psychologist suggested we do not go in stores to curb spending. I have done this successful at different times.  Maybe I will try this again now.  I had already slowed down the process by taking both my credit cards out of my wallet – the one for business and for personal.  They sit home in my office.

Why not revisit this idea?  I decided on Friday the 23rd of January to not shop for a month. 

I can do my one month without shopping at stores.  Without going into stores.  I can do that.

Standby for an up date...Or join me in the pledge!