Travelling Overseas? Some Tips to Remember:

Three simple tips to make your trip smoother:

Have some Local Currency: Not every place will take credit cards.

Notify Your Credit Card Companies: They can turn down a transaction if it is not in your normal routine.

Be Aware when you use ATM machines.  This is a quote for a US government website on travel :

ATM skimming devices. These devices are attached to legitimate bank ATMs, usually located in tourist areas, and capture the account information stored electronically on the card’s magnetic strip. The devices consist of a card reader installed over the legitimate reader and a pin-hole video camera mounted above the keypad that records the customer’s PIN. ATMs with skimming devices installed may also allow normal transactions to occur. The victim’s information is sold, traded online, or encoded on another card, such as a hotel key card, to access the compromised account. Here are some helpful hints to protect against and identify skimming devices:

·         Use ATMs located in well-lighted public areas or secured inside a bank/business.

·         Cover the keypad with one hand as you enter your PIN.

·         Look for gaps, tampered appearance, or other irregularities between the metal faceplate of the ATM and the card reader.

·         Avoid card readers that are not flush with the face of the ATM.

·         Closely monitor your account statements for unauthorized transactions.